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Every act and character is crafted with artistry and intention. While many acts incorporate burlesque reveals, most choreography and costuming can be easily adapted to the PG/Corporate-Friendly needs of the client.

"Ultra Ramble"

From the darkest depths of Mordor emerges "Ultra Ramble", an atmospheric remix of the Led Zeppelin classic "Ramble On". Featuring layers of ombre silk and a pair of expressive silk fan veils. 

"Feather Flapper Fantasy"

Roaring 20s meets burlesque fan dancer in this playful and entertaining act. This piece can be performed with or without reveals. It can also be set as a duo.

"Strange Weather"

A slinking striptease depicting a gal and her bathtub full of moonshine. This act brought home the Silver Medal at the Caifornia Burlypicks 2019. 

"I Wanna Shake"

A classic burlesque act featuring evening gown, gloves, and a boa. Sultry jazz gives way to a rowdy rockabilly track that makes the fringe fly!


"The Sorceress"

A sharp seduction. Contemporary jazz & classic bump'n'grind are fused by a house-heavy remix of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game". It is at once familiar and completely new. 

"Real Life ManEater"

Beware! This Feral Feline 'only comes out at night' and rest assured she will totally eat your heart out! Featuring sharp choreography with killer chair work to a mashup of two iconic tracks from the 70s & 80s.  

"A Trip in the Woods"

Miss Kitty Oaks transforms into Briar Rosa aka 'Rory' in this alternate storyline from the classic fairytale "Sleeping Beauty". A walk in the woods takes a turn when Rory discover a magic bush.


A neo-burlesque feather fan dance for everyone's inner outsider set to a vintage spin on the Radiohead cult classic .

"High Ball Stepper"

Disco glamour meets spellbinding rock'n'roll in "High Ball Stepper" named for the electrifying instrumental off of Jack White's "Lazaretto".

"The Harrowed Harlot"

The Harrowed Harlot rinses her red hands in the bloody bathwater,
dousing her stained slip.
She lets the sullied swirl of water
lap against her.

Languid. Unabashed. Sated.

Created for Vau de Vire Society's production of "The Soiled Dove"

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