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Teaching Bio

Miss Kitty Oaks is a dance-based performer, teacher and choreographer.
Her approach to teaching draws heavily on 25+ years of dance training, 10+ years of professional performance experience and over a decade of teaching experience.
A CYT since 2010, Kitty culls language and technique from a library of modalities to create her classes. She aims to provide an experience that is accessible to anyone with a desire to explore their
body through movement.


Dance & Burlesque Offerings

One-on-one instruction helps focus on targeted growth. Book a series of privates to hone technique or book a one-time session to sharpen specific skills.


Learn one-on-one!

Want to dive into something specific? 
Need help with an act or a prop?
Get out of our own way, get unstuck, and try something new. Hear a fresh perspective from new eyes.

Private instruction can help turn ideas into acts,

deepen skill-based dance knowledge,

and expand your movement vocabulary

all while having fun! 

Browse existing offerings below or explore what's possible
with personalized private instruction

tailored to suit your needs.




Weaving together modern & contemporary dance techniques, this class explores emotion through movement and puts
your feels to work through expressive choreography.

Technique incorporates elements of ballet, modern,
& jazz dance with a focus on connecting mind, movement and breath. 

Requires comfortable clothing.
Bare feet recommended or 
soft soled, flat dance shoes.


Beginner / Intermediate Ballet

Covers the fundamentals of ballet technique over the course of four distinct classes to build your technique

from the ground up. 

Classes are cumulative, only available as a series and should be taken in order.

1 - Position of the Feet (barre)

2- Positions of the Arms (barre)

3 - Positions of the Body (center)

4 - Adagio & Allegro (center)

Requires comfortable, form fitting clothing.

Ballet shoes are preferred.



Explore a flirty and playful take on classic jazz technique.
Drop into the fundamentals of jazz dance and

the basics of burlesque.

Burlesque Jazz movement features stylized jazz choreography punctuated by the bumps 'n grinds of burlesque.
Class choreography has options for movers at all levels and delivers classic jazz all teased up.


Requires comfortable, form fitting clothing.
Dance heels or soft soled dance shoes recommended.



Miss Kitty Oaks has over a decade of experience
dancing in heels. Her focus is on a strong technical foundation incorporating ballet, jazz, and yoga techniques.
Smart heels technique keeps you dancing for

many years to come!

Learn to slink, strut, turn, and play with confidence.

Class includes core conditioning as well as tips to support healthy feet / ankles. 

Requires comfortable, form fitting clothing.
ance heels preferred.

If you are unsteady in your stilettos,

start with a pair of heels that are

no more than 2".


A wonderful capture from the _trapeze_worldwide #FeverishFifthAnniversary party! _Photo cr


Feather fans have an effect like none other.
Learn hands on how to maneuver this classic prop 
with grace and ease.

Learn fan dancing fundamentals and develop a sound foundation for moving with this prop.

Explore shapes, holds, basic sequences, and tease technique. 

Fan Dance Fundamentals also includes information on types of fans, types of feathers, vegan alternatives. 

Requires comfortable, form fitting clothing.
Feather fans preferred but not required. 

Dance heels or soft soled dance shoes recommended.



Build on the basics from Fan Dance Fundamentals
with feather fan choreography!

Choreography relies primarily on the use of feather fans and incorporates more advanced movement phrases.

Requires comfortable, form fitting clothing.
Feather fans preferred but not required. 

Dance heels or soft soled dance shoes recommended.


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