Learn from Miss Kitty Oaks from the comfort of your own home!

About the Instructor


Miss Kitty Oaks is a dance-based performer, teacher and choreographer. Her approach to dance + burlesque draws heavily on 25+ years of dance training, 10+ years of professional performance experience and a decade of teaching experience. A CYT since 2010, Kitty culls language and technique from a library of modalities to create her classes. She aims to provide a class experience that is accessible to anyone with a desire to explore their
body through movement.

Kitty's Group Instruction Offerings listed below are priced per person at
Pistil Studios (620 Marin St, Vallejo, CA 94590).






Dip your toes into different dance styles and techniques with VOD workshop offerings!

Miss Kitty Oaks draws on decades of technical dance training and over 10 years of teaching & performance experience.

And new for 2021!
Pistil Studios will be playing host to

guest teachers!



Workshops are structured for new and emerging dancers unless otherwise noted in the description.


Group Instruction


(A) $10 / 45min
(B) $15 / 90min

Taken together Ballet A and Ballet cover the four fundamentals of ballet technique.

Because these classes are progressional, if you register for
Ballet B you are automatically enrolled in Ballet A.

(A) Position of the Feet (barre)

(A) Positions of the Arms (barre)

(B) Positions of the Body (center)

(B) Adagio & Allegro (center)


Please bring comfortable clothing you can move wearing. If shoes are preferred, please wear soft soled, flat dance shoes like ballet slippers or foot peds.



$20 / 60 MIN

Join Miss Kitty Oaks for a workshop that weaves together contemporary dance and the art of the tease.

Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that incorporates ballet, lyrical, jazz, and modern techniques marked by emotionally charged performance. This workshop integrates burlesque with this emotive style of dance.

Explore emotion through movement and put your feels to work through expressive choreography.

Let's leave it all on the dance floor, shall we?


Comfortable clothing and bare feet recommended. If shoes are preferred: soft soled, flat dance shoes like

ballet slippers or foot peds.



$25 / 90 MIN

Miss Kitty Oaks shares her flirty and playful take on classic jazz technique. This workshop features stylized jazz choreography punctuated by the bumps 'n grinds of burlesque. Featured choreography has options for movers at all levels and delivers classic jazz all teased up.


Wear shoes with a non-slip sole such as
heels, dance shoes or sneakers.



$20 / 60 MIN

Feather fans have an effect like none other but they often seem out of reach and hard to handle. Learn hands on how to maneuver these beautiful props with grace and ease.



Fundamentals Covered:
-basic types of feather and stave options
-budget friendly alternatives to feather fans
-how to hold your fans
-foundational fan dancing technique including a breakdown of classic/standard fan dance movements
-how to make the most of your fan reveals



$25 / 90min

Build on the basics from Fan Dance Fundamentals and learn a feather fan group dance! Choreography will rely primarily on the use of feather fans and will incorporate more advanced dance movement than the Fundamentals class. If you do not already own a pair of feather fans you can still practice this choreography using alternative fans options: hand fans, 'thwoorp' fans, cardboard cut outs, etc.


Please wear comfortable, form fitting clothes you can move in and shoes you may wear while fan dancing (heels, ballet shoes, barefoot, etc). 



Whether you rock biscuit baskets or sky high stilettos this class will teach you how to dance in your favorite pair of heels. Warm up includes core and ankle conditioning as well as tips about supporting healthy feet / ankles so you can keep dancing for many years to come. Strong focus on fundamentals will have you walking, turning, and improvising with confidence.


Please wear heels you can move wearing. If you are unsteady in your stilettos, start with a pair of heels that are no more than 2".

$10 / 45min